Can I use my iPhone to get this on my AppleTV? 

Yes; HOWEVER, not how you think. You CAN NOT use Screenmirroring.  SCREENMIRRORING is NOT allowed due to security protecting these films. We are protecting your films with DRM (which is a fancy word for state-of-the-art security). Using Screen Mirroring for AirPlay is not allowed with DRM videos because there is no way to prevent someone from recording your film wherever they are mirroring it. HOWEVER, AirPlay WILL WORK if you turn off Screen Mirroring on your iPhone or Apple computer and use the CAST feature on your TV. YOU CAN ONLY CAST USING THE CAST FEATURE from the player.

Here is how to set up your airplay CLICK HERE!!!

If you are casting to an AppleTV, we highly recommend viewing it in Safari because there will be an AirPlay button at the bottom of the screening window.

Chrome does not have that feature.

I ordered a ticket but I can’t find it!  Help!

Each transaction instantly creates an email that goes to the email address you provided. BUT, because we are using a third party for ticketing, it may have ended up in your spam/junk mail folder. This is an easy fix. You will be looking for an email with “Your Order from DWF:LA 2020 VIRTUAL FILM FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE” in the subject line.

Please try a few things:

  • Open your spam folder and see if it’s there. It should have come from
  • If didn’t find it there, in your search bar in your email provider, search for, then search for “virtual film festival”
  • If you still haven’t found it, email me at and we’ll get it figured out!
Viewing Issues:

What are known incompatibilities?

DRM-protected content will not work on the following:

  • Desktop browsers: Chrome 74 and older and Firefox 57 and older
  • Chromebooks
  • Amazon Fire TV Gen 1. However, newer models may still encounter HDCP incompatibility issues (more below)
  • Linux systems

Streaming will only work on….

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7+
Intel-based Macs with OSX 10.12+
iOS 10.12+
Android 9+
Supported Browsers
Chrome 77+
Edge 84+
Firefox 71+
Safari 12.1+
Chrome for android 78+
Firefox for android 78+
iOS safari 12+

Please find helpful responses below to the most common customer issues:

Q: “It’s not working.”

A: Please make sure you are using a supported device and have read our How to Watch page [link to page]. If your device is listed, please try refreshing the page.

Note: This is almost always the first thing that should be replied. If someone is using something that is not listed under supported devices, then that’s the problem and there’s no further help that can be provided, except giving a new code to use a different device.

Q: “I can’t hear anything.”
A: Make sure the volume is up on the video player, using the volume icon in the lower left corner. Make sure your computer speakers volume is also turned up.

Q: “No video is playing for me.”
A: Please make sure you are using a high speed internet connection and try refreshing the page.

Q: “The video is stuck on loading.”
A: Please make sure you are using a high speed internet connection and try refreshing the page.

Q: “The videos are not autoplaying”
A: Please make sure you have allowed autoplay for this site. Here are instructions for Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Q: “I can’t cast to my Chromecast.”
A: Make sure you’re on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast. You may need to restart your browser. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to troubleshoot home networking issues.

Q: “I can’t cast to Airplay.”
A: Please turn off Screen Mirroring if you are using an iOS device. You can only cast using the cast button on the player.

 If you are still experiencing problems, please see this LINK

I want to order more than one ticket at a time, but the drop down menu only allows 1 ticket purchased at a time.

We can now process large orders, but only over the phone. Please call our office at 213-326-9852. We may be busy at the time you call, so please leave your name, phone number, a good time to call, and the title and time of the screening you wish to purchase. We will call you back as soon as possible!

How do I watch? Walk me through showtime.

First of all, each screening is LIVE, which means they start and end at a certain time. If you’re late, you miss part of the movie, just like a real theater. So show up early! You can log in to the screening 15 minutes before it starts and it’s highly recommended that you do so.

On the day of the screening here is the flow…

Laptop and Cell Phone:

  • 15 Minutes before screening open your email from and click JOIN EVENT
  • Go back to your email and grab your ACCESS CODE (this is different than your order code). Enter the Access Code in the movie screen.
  • Sit back and relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show
  • DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!  Once the film concludes, there will be a link that appears below the streaming window (you’ll need to exit full screen mode) and clicking it takes you to a ballot. Rate the film 1 to 5 stars. The film that gets the most stars through the festival wins our coveted Audience Choice Award!
  • Stay in your seat and don’t touch that dial! After each film is an inspiring Q&A. You’ll be glad you did!
How do I cast my laptop or cell phone onto my smartTV so that I can see these eye-popping, jaw-dropping films on a bigger screen?

If you are streaming to a smartTV, Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc, you will need to research how to cast your laptop or cell phone onto your screen. Each streaming device is different.

  • Your access code can only be used one time, on one device in one browser.
  • So before you use your code, please check the following:
    • You’re using the device and browser you would like to watch the entire event on.
    • If you plan to cast the event to your TV, make sure you are on the same WiFi network as your TV for best results.
  • The event will start automatically at the designated time.
  • Since the event is being live streamed, you will not be able to rewind.
  • You do not need to click or refresh anything throughout the viewing experience. Each part will play automatically, including the pre-show, screening and/or post-show Q&A.
  • Sit back and enjoy. You can watch it on your personal device, computer or on your TV
  • There are two methods for watching the event on your television:  Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.


If you have an external Google Chromecast set up with your TV or a TV with built-in Google Chromecast (TV’s listed here), open the online event link in Chrome and follow these steps to cast the webpage’s video experience to your TV.


If you have an external Apple TV or a TV with built-in Apple Airplay (TV’s listed here), open the  online event link  in Safari and follow these Play a web video on your HDTV steps.

Compatible Browsers for Online Viewing:
  • Chrome 77+
  • Edge 17+
  • Firefox 71+
  • Safari 12.1+
  • Chrome for android 78+
  • Firefox for android 78+
  • iOS safari 12+

Additional questions? Please email us at