WRITERS/PRODS: Yueh Phoebe Liu, Emily Stouffer
DIR: Yueh Phoebe Liu
CAST: Hana Wu, Leann Lei, Allen Theosky Rowe, Alexandre Chen, Gavin Lee, Michelle Sun, Yohan Lee, Jimmy Tang

The true story of Lin Zhao who lived through the Chinese Civil War and the rise of the Communists. She attended a Christian school, but rejected Christian dogma and threw herself into Communist activity. During Mao’s 100-Flowers Movement, Lin Zhao answered the party’s call for feedback, declaring that it should respect political freedom. After a swift reversal of policy, the authorities arrested her. In prison, Lin Zhao was tortured, and abused. During her 8-year incarceration, Lin Zhao defiantly wrote over 200,000 characters in her own blood on her sheets, uniforms, and cell walls refusing to back down.

Please note: The second screening of 5-CENT LIFE (Tuesday, Sept. 1st @ 9:30PM PT) will be presented with Chinese subtitles.










Dates & Times

Sat, Aug 29
9:30 pm


Tue, Sep 1
9:30 pm