USA, 2020

WRITER/DIR: Derin Kiyak
PRODS: Songxin Xie, Eric Moots
CAST: Joshua Michael Payne, Asel Otunchieva, Dwayne Mitchell, Jackie Romankow, Kalliopi Chaska, Sean Smith, Tim Hegan, Jamie Companeschi, Bricen Standish, Ryan Winkles, Shahjehan Khan

Inspired by a true story, Off Beat is a film about an overweight pizza delivery guy who stumbles upon the world of ballroom dancing and meets Wendy, a misfit receptionist. After the connection and chemistry the two find together, they will both have to overcome their own insecurities in order to compete at a dance competition.








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Thu, Sep 3
5:00 pm


Sat, Sep 5
4:15 pm