USA, 2019

WRITER: Angela Oh
DIRS: Josh Taylor & Angela Oh
PRODS: Steve Carr, Pekka Kauranen, Dawn Higginbotham, Federico Delle Case, Alyshia Ochse, Tara Mercurio, Kumari Bakhru, Justin Janowitz
CAST: Rex Lee, Amy Hill, Jonathan Kite, Ione Skye Lee, Gedde Watanbe, Angela Oh, Fuschia Kate Sumner, Brian Thomas Smith, Alyshia Ochse, Bethany Geaber, Adam Herschman, Michael Gallagher, Morgan Dover Pearl, Hugh Holub, Donielle Artese, Kelly Ewing, Monica Young, Amy Halloran, Gail Bianchi, Jennifer Lim, Rob Gonsalves, Dennis Cockrum, T Sahara Meer, Kelly Wray, Stacey Weckstein, Elise Sievert, Richard Reid, Zach Alden, Anne Gottlieb, Frances Mitchell, Leanne Cabrera, Richard Capalbo, Josh Taylor

UDRIVE ME is Judd Hirsch’s “Taxi” for a new generation. Rideshare driving has become today’s waiting tables for anyone with a dream. ‘UDriveMe’ is about one such woman. Fresh out of law school and top of her class—Kelsey is crushed when she doesn’t land a job offer. And she’s saddled with over $200,000 due in student loans and no job prospects other than to drive.

We follow her as she navigates the city streets, picking up an array of crazy passengers as she picks up the pieces of her life.



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Sat, Sep 5
5:00 pm


Sun, Sep 6
3:30 pm